Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fine Buildings I've Never Been To: Libeskind's Jewish Museum

This building is, for me, an excellent example of how narrative can be effectively incorporated into architecture. The building began it's life as a rather esoteric entry in the international competition, which he entitled 'Between The Lines' - the planform is two lines, one tortuously twisted but continuous, the other a discontinuous straight line.

The interior shots are compelling views of solid and void, carefully picked out in shafts of artificial and natural light.

The exterior is a sleek, reflective zinc skin in which linear rents and tears are inscribed, contrasting markedly with the staid surrounds of the city.

One day I'll get there - next trip to Europe isn't 'til next year, but I have waited a long time to see this building, so a tad more won't hurt...

Check the website.


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