Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Land of Drooled-On Keyboards...

Crazed and war-mad right-wing loonies don't usually pique my curiosity to any great extent, but the Israel-Hezbollah conflict has really brought out the worst in some people.

Famed hangout for the irredeemably hate-filled, LittleGreenFootballs has been pumping out some scary, scary opinion recently. Commenters have let gems like these go (and this is just from five minutes of cursory glancing)...

Israel is risking its soldiers' lives in order to spare those of Hezbollah
sympathizers. We give a 24 hour warning that anyone south of the Litani
River, any vehicle or building is a target, any human being or camel or goat
is a target, and then we finally, really go to war.

I want to see the Star of David flying over every fucking building in
Lebanon. ALL of it.

Well, fyi, my wife started ranting on and on today that GWB is a war
and Cheney's making millions off this war in Iraq and blah blah
blah. I burned holes in her skull when I looked at her and I simply said in a
monotone voice, "One word against Israel and I will walk out that front door and
I will never, never speak to you again."

I guess it's not really fair to pick such easy, neanderthal targets, but really...this is the ugly mug of hawkish international policy, staring right at you. I wonder if one day these fat blokes will be forced to haul their gargantuan buttocks out from behind their keyboard and actually do any of the things they so fervently wish others to do on their behalf?

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